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Para 1

Para 1 is CellCore's flagship digestive support product. It contains 100% pure Mimosa pudica seed, which is fat-soluble and gels up when mixed with liquid. In the digestive tract, the powdered seed absorbs fluids and changes consistency. It becomes jelly-like and sticky as it cleanses the gut and grabs and escorts unwanted elements out of the body.

Never have seen anything as effective and yet gentle to take. And I’ve tried more things than I can remember. This is about four months in, and an amazing never-ending parasite flow keeps coming out. Highly recommend this product.

— Dave M.

  • Immune Support

    The gut houses a large percentage of the immune system. Para 1 supports that critical area by cleaning out the gut.

  • Pathogen Removal

    As Para 1 travels through the intestinal tract, it safely and effectively pulls out a variety of unwanted substances, including parasites and intestinal buildup.

  • Gut Support

    Nicknamed our gut scrubber for a reason, it encourages healthy digestive function and regular bowel movements.

Product Overview

Para 1 is CellCore’s flagship immune and digestive support product. Made from the Mimosa Pudica Seed, this fat-soluble supplement provides the type of visible results that your patients require to ensure that your supplements are delivering as expected.

What’s the secret? Mimosa Pudica Seed is very gelatinous. In the digestive tract, Mimosa Pudica seed in the powder-form expands and changes consistency, becoming jelly-like and sticky. At this point, Mimosa Pudica Seed works its way through the intestinal walls, scraping and scrubbing, pulling out toxins, heavy metals, biofilm, and other unwanted elements that have adhered there.

Para 1, formulated with 100% Mimosa Pudica Seed, is the game-changing product that produces tangible results and helps patients and clients move toward better immune system and digestive health.

As part of the protocol

Para 1 is introduced as part of “phase two” of our comprehensive support protocol. It complements the drainage elements of phase one, taking advantage of a digestive system that is primed for peak performance. The ability of Para 1 to pull out toxins and parasites is then optimized by the body’s drainage and these elements are flushed out of the system, mitigating typical die-off symptoms.
  • Removes unwanted elements from the intestinal tract
  • Fat-soluble for maximum systemic efficiency
  • Effective on toxins, heavy metals, and biofilm
  • Gentle on the system, allowing more aggressive dosing as desired

Product FAQs

Is this product organic?

All of our ingredients are organic. The capsules are vegetable-derived, but fall outside the purview of organic certification bodies.

How long should I be on these products?

Our typical protocol length can be about four months. While many of our products can be taken alone, their value is optimized when part of a protocol. Many people have found long-term usage to provide additional health benefits.

The Para 1 is sticky. How can I take this product if I want to open up the capsule?

Due to the sticky properties of the Para 1, it cannot be taken with water if the capsule is opened up. We recommend taking it in things like honey, olive oil, or even syrup. This makes it so your body can digest the Para 1 and it isn’t too sticky to swallow.

When should I take Para 1?

Para 1 is the heart of the Protocol and is in Phase 2, so it is added in at the month 2 mark. The Para 1 needs to be taken at least an hour away from food and all products and binders excluding the Para 2 and Bowel Mover.

What is the difference between Para 1 and Para 2?

Our Para 1 is our ‘Gut-scrubber’ and is great for binding to/sticking to the parasites and suffocating them. The Para 2 contains our BioActive Carbon Complex, and is able to rid the parasites from the body as well as make its way into the cells.

What is the maximum dosage and how long can I take Para 1 for?

There is no set maximum dosage for Para 1, as it is a product that can continually be increased and taken in large quantities. Para 1 is taken within the protocol as well as following it as a maintenance based product as well. It can be taken indefinitely and there is no problem being on Para 1 on an ongoing basis.

Does Para 1 affect blood sugar?

Para 1 doesn’t really affect blood sugar. However, as it binds onto some pancreatic and liver flukes, it’s very possible that going after these parasites could affect blood sugar since that’s where those parasites live.