Root level solutions start with the mitochondria

Regardless of what symptoms or issues you may be experiencing, mitochondrial dysfunction is always at the root of why the body isn’t 100% well.

Mitochondria are the body’s power supply.

They “turn on” and signal for every organ to work and function. Mitochondria play a massive role not just in your energy levels, but your ability to detoxify, digest food, eliminate, fight illness and pathogens, heal and repair, remember information, etc. If the mitochondria are damaged, your entire body is impacted.

This is why our approach at CellCore Biosciences is built on this premise: First support the mitochondria, then promote the body’s natural detoxification processes and the removal of stressors.

At the root of health imbalances is lack of movement with charged particles. If you can supply energy to the body that moves these charged particles, such as from humic and fulvic acids, you can make great progress with detoxification and health — and that’s why at CellCore Biosciences we see the incredible results we do.”

— Tim Griswold, Lead Scientist

Making a splash in supplementation

The products in each stage of our customized protocols provide charged particles to support mitochondrial function and promote cellular repair, while simultaneously removing unwanted elements from the body that are linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Charged particles, including electrons, hydrogen ions (protons), and oxygen, are the underlying drivers of all cellular and system processes. While co-factors from foods (such as vitamins) support mitochondrial function, charged particles are the true backbone of the mitochondria. They carry the electric charges that create reactions for mitochondria to “turn on” and function, which is the basis of life.

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The CellCore Biosciences Lab

All of our supplements are formulated and produced by our team of scientists at the CellCore Biosciences lab. Each product is created with a special focus on the mitochondria and supporting the body’s processes as they follow the Roadmap to Health.

Having our own lab and in-house scientists allow us to:

  • Be more innovative with the solutions we provide to you
  • Commit to quality
  • Conduct our own testing
  • Produce the highest quality supplements
  • Do our own QA control
  • Create proprietary blends, like Carbon Technology

Carbon Technology: The advanced science behind CellCore supplements

How Carbon Technology Differs From Traditional Binders (And it’s Other Wellness-Enhancing Benefits)

An effective binder is the missing link in any detoxification protocol. A binder helps move unwanted, lingering elements out of your system that may otherwise stay stagnant and stuck. But not all binders can do this important job efficiently. 

You may be familiar with common binders, such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and diatomaceous earth. These binders contain what are called long-chain “spent” carbons.

This means they have limited ability to bind to unwanted elements in your system. Due to their structure, they can also only travel as far as the gut. These binders must be taken at the onset of toxin exposure, which means they’re not an effective, everyday solution for helping you eliminate lingering unwanted elements. This is why we’ve created Carbon Technology: a new category formulated with unspent, specific carbon-based molecules. An unspent carbon means it has maximum energy and, therefore, maximum binding potential. Additionally, Carbon Technology is composed of long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons, which can work in different areas of the body, not just the gut.

All CellCore Biosciences supplements (with the exception of Para 1, Para 3, and the IS-products) contain Carbon Technology, and here’s why. 

Promotes Systemic Binding

Carbon Technology contains proprietary blends of soil-derived nutrients: fulvic acids, humic acids, polyelectrolytes, and polysaccharides. In addition to being comprised of short-, medium-, and long-chain carbons, their chemical structures are also amphiphilic. This means they are both water and fat soluble, which gives them the ability to travel and be absorbed across different parts of your system.

Helps Drive and Protect Supplement Ingredients

The molecules in Carbon Technology also act as a delivery system for “protecting” and “directing” the herbs and nutrients in supplements.

The low pH of Carbon Technology prevents the nutrients from interacting with and being destroyed by stomach acid, which helps drive them to where they need to go in the body. As a result, you’ll absorb more and waste less.

Supports Cell Nourishment and Repair

The fulvic acids, humic acids, polysaccharides, and polyelectrolytes in Carbon Technology supply the constituent elements required to build and repair cells, which also supports energy production.

The ability to promote life and nourish the body sets Carbon Technology apart, in addition to its binding capabilities.

Is Smart and Selective in What it Binds to

Carbon Technology won’t bind to the nutrients your body actually needs. If it comes in contact with a mineral or a beneficial form of a certain nutrient, such as copper or zinc, it sees it as an “equal” and leaves it untouched.

Supports the Body’s Natural Detoxification Processes

Once unwanted elements, byproducts, and compounds are bound to the nutrients in Carbon Technology, they’re “stuck.”

This means the elements will not detach from the carbon and relocate somewhere else in your body. The carbon molecules hold on to unwanted elements like a super strong magnet until they can exit the body via the stool.

Offers Higher Binding Potential and Reactivity, Due to a Low pH

When a substance has a low pH, it means it has higher potential energy and reactivity — which are the exact properties you want in a binder. This is because you want the substance to interact with unwanted elements and remove them. A highly reactive binder will draw more of the wastes and other unwanted elements out of the individual cells and carry these toxins away and out of your body.

Carbon Technology has a low pH, while traditional binders tend to have higher pHs and are less reactive. This can result in a slower healing process and a longer time frame until you start feeling better.

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