The science behind the supplements is what sets us apart.

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"As a fellow practitioner, I know how important it is to understand the “why” behind the “how.” I’ve battled health and wellness issues personally and found some incredible solutions. It’s why I started CellCore Biosciences, and what sets us apart."

- Dr. Todd Watts


Discover potential through research


Create cutting-edge scientific solutions


Prove effectiveness by energetic testing


Establish efficacy with clinical trials

This is our process for creating solutions that work.

BioActive Carbons Explained


BioActive Carbons function at a nanoparticle level, allowing them to work at the cellular level--far beyond the gut


BioActive Carbon compounds increase retention, absorption, and utilization of all the nutrients in food, vitamins, minerals, and our supplements.


BioActive Carbons contain the building blocks of life. They repair where other binders cannot.


BioActive Carbons are a true chelator, binding and removing a myriad of toxins from the body.


BioActive Carbons are high-energy hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules and include poly-dispersed polyanions


High-quality electrolytes are essential to proper cellular function. There is no better source for these than our BioActive Carbons.