Our Story

"There was a guy...who I didn’t know, who was asking a lot of detailed...biochemistry questions." Add in a little conversation over dinner, a smart brother-in-law, some parasite pictures and you’ve got something special. Watch the video below to see how CellCore Biosciences was born.

Company History

Officially incorporated in 2017, CellCore Biosciences' rich history goes back a bit further than that. See some of our major milestones below.

April 2019

3000th practitioner approved

Nov 2018

BioActive Carbon Minerals introduced to the market

Aug 2018

2000th practitioner approved

Jun 2018

BioMolecular Oxygen and BioActive Carbon Iodine introduced to the market

May 2018

Full Detox Protocol introduced to practitioners

May 2018

Kidney & Liver Support introduced to the market

Apr 2018

Lymphatic Support and ViRadChem Binder introduced to the market

Jan 2018

1000th practitioner approved

Dec 2017

Bowel Mover introduced to the market

Nov 2017

BioToxin Binder HM-ET Binder introduced to the market

Sep 2017

Para 2 introduced to the market

Aug 2017

500th practitioner approved

Jun 2017

CellCore Biosciences officially incorporated as a practitioner-exclusive brand in the United States.  The first orders ship to US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Mar 2017

Para 1 officially branded by CellCore Biosciences

Jun 2016

Competitors take note of the success Mimosa Pudica Seed 1 is having in trials and attempt to match with their formulations

Apr 2016

Mimosa Pudica Seed is encapsulated for the first time, allowing for better experience for those taking it as a supplement

May 2015

Cohn Institute integrates Mimosa Pudica into their practice

Feb 2014

Mimosa Pudica Seed for immune and digestive support first formulated

Jan 2014

Dr. Todd Watts discovers Mimosa Pudica Seed, and begins taking formulations of it as a digestive health supplement.

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