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Take on pathogens like borrelia burgdorferi with a new powerful plant combination. This mix of 21 traditional herbs is designed to enhance your immune function and elevate your ability to detox. It is a fast-absorbing liquid that allows you to control dosing based on your needs. Boost your body with IS-BORR today!

IS-BORR is the newest, most versatile tool to target Lyme-causing bacteria like Borrelia Burgdorferi.

— Dr. Todd Watts

  • Immune Support

    Provides antioxidants while targeting pathogens systemically, helping enable your immune system to function optimally while improving energy levels

  • Versatility

    A liquid format allows maximum control overdosing, so you can move up in dose as you feel comfortable

  • Toxin Removal

    Specifically chosen herbs that encourage your body to release and remove toxins that pathogens have generated in your tissues and organs


You know that pathogens like to hide deep in your tissues. They hide from your immune system and throw a wrench into your detox pathways. IS-BORR is a new way to address both of these issues. The herbs in this liquid formula work synergistically to boost your immune system function. They also work together to kickstart detoxification that may have stalled because of infection. Their anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties act in concert to reduce inflammation and lower parasitic load. This team of 21 herbs provides potent antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, giving your body the environment it needs to restore optimal health. Because IS-BORR is a liquid, it is easy to take and you can work your way up in dose as you feel the need to.

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Product FAQs

How do I take this product?

This product may be taken alone or mixed in water. It may also be mixed with other "IS-" (Immune Support) formulas (i.e. BORR, BART, BAB, etc.) in the same glass of water.

Where does this best fit into the protocol?

This product is most effective on Lyme-causing bacteria. For best results integrate it into the Protocol at the end of phase four or as directed by your practitioner.