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Bust through pathogen purging plateaus with a new troupe of herbs. IS-BART is designed to augment your immune function by supporting your parasite cleansing efforts. An array of antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and boost your ability to detox. Plus, carefully chosen herbs heighten your energy levels. Altogether, this band of botanicals endeavors to help you reach new goals in your quest for optimal health.

IS-BART is a new combination of heroic herbs to tackle pathogens.

— Dr. Todd Watts

  • Immune Support

    Provides antioxidants while targeting pathogens systemically, helping enable your immune system to function optimally while improving energy levels

  • Promotes Detox

    Offers liver support as you purge parasites

  • Boost Energy

    Specially selected herbs work to enhance energy levels during your health journey

Product Overview

Your health journey may require a new lineup of players to get you to the next level. Ones that assist detox, enhance liver function, and rekindle energy levels. Meet IS-BART. IS-BART is a squad of seven herbs designed to do just that. These herbs bring their “A” game to move you past parasitic plateau and onto victory.

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Product FAQs

How do I take this product?

This product may be taken alone or mixed in water. It may also be mixed with other "IS-" (Immune Support) formulas (i.e. BORR, BART, BAB, etc.) in the same glass of water.

Where does this best fit into the protocol?

This product is most effective on Lyme-causing bacteria. For best results integrate it into the Protocol at the end of phase four or as directed by your practitioner.