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This team of 24 botanicals — including black walnut hulls, cat’s claw bark, eleuthero root, nettle leaf, turmeric root, white willow bark, wormwood, and several adaptogenic herbs — is designed to support a healthy immune response, nurture the immune system, aid energy production, and support the body’s natural detoxification processes.*

The liquid tincture format promotes faster absorption and maximum potency, as well as allows for customized dosing. As a concentrated tincture, IS-BORR has higher potency than capsules.

For those who are sensitive, it’s recommended to start with a low dose, gradually working up to the recommended daily dose.

  • Detoxification Support*

  • Immune Support*

  • Gut Terrain Support*

As Part of the Protocol

IS-BORR is included in Phase 5 of the Comprehensive Protocol.

Note that IS-BORR is safe to take at any point in time outside of the protocol. Your healthcare practitioner may recommend taking it at different stages, based on your unique needs.