The industry leader in digestive, immune, and mitochondrial health

CellCore Biosciences is an emerging industry leader who first introduced the concept of foundational medicine to the nutritional supplement industry.

By formulating supplements designed to support cellular health through proprietary Carbon Technology, CellCore provides natural, root cause solutions.*

A breakdown on foundational medicine

Foundational medicine is the missing piece in integrative and functional medicine practices.

As the precursor to functional medicine, foundational medicine begins at the utmost root level. It helps patients return to homeostasis by delivering key nutrients to upregulate mitochondrial function, which is necessary for the proper function of every cell, organ, and tissue.

It also emphasizes the importance of opening up the body’s drainage pathways prior to detoxification, and improving a patient’s terrain to sustain long-term wellness.

Foundational medicine is the starting point for health, as it allows patients to experience optimal results when they move onto targeted products and protocols.

Leader in Carbon Technology

What Makes CellCore Biosciences Unique

Our Roadmap to Health

Our products and customizable protocols follow a specific order, known as The Roadmap to Health. This ensures patients build a strong foundation before entering periods of deeper detoxification. Not only do our products support foundational areas of health (such as the mitochondria and gut microbiome), the strategic order in which our products are used sets us apart from other wellness companies.

Our CellCore Biosciences Lab

You will never find white label supplements under our name. By having our own lab and in-house team of researchers and scientists, we can guarantee the quality, potency, and purity of our supplements and the natural ingredients that go in them. Plus, our products are entirely unique to CellCore.

Our proprietary Carbon Technology

Our proprietary Carbon Technology or “BioActive Carbons” are a new class of all-in-one binders, ingredient-drivers, and protectors. Formulated with a blend of extracts of fulvic acids, humic acids, and polyelectrolytes, these ingredients work in different parts of the body to help bind and remove elements while also promoting cellular repair.* Most CellCore supplements are formulated with Carbon Technology.

Our top priority is education

Our top focus and priority is equipping you with extensive education about the foundational health approach, so that you have a clear understanding of which tools are best for patient results. When you sign up to become a CellCore practitioner, you gain immediate access to our Learning Center, which houses extensive resources and training on product applications, science-backed research, and important topics in the alternative medicine space.

Our commitment to clinical success

At CellCore, we believe we have the best and most skilled practitioners in the world utilizing our products and implementing our protocols. We also understand that even the best practitioners can encounter a challenging clinical case that may require some help identifying causative factors and treatment options for success and resolution. For this reason, we provide expert resources, such as calls with our Clinical Practitioner in Education.


Our ground-breaking annual practitioner event

Annually, we host ECO: a three-day in-person and virtual conference for licensed healthcare practitioners. Presented by CellCore co-founders Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts, lead scientist Tim Griswold, and other industry leading experts, ECO equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to be on the cutting edge of natural health protocols, differentiate your practice, and maximize patient results.

Dr. Nick Carruthers, DC

The major reason I love CellCore products comes from the results we get from using them. The foundation of these products helps fill our personal batteries allowing our body to do what it is designed to and thrive.

Without energy, life is an uphill battle. Cell Core's carbon technology is the magic force allowing increased energy as well as a driving force for other ingredients to be accepted and utilized by the body.

Nichole Kuechle, Holistic Practitioner

What I love about CellCore products is how well they work with our clients. I see clients from days old into their 80's and it's a win every time.

These products are producers of health, the test kits are case crackers, and our clients easily learn to trust the pull of the product.

ECO continues to outdo itself year after year with fantastic speakers, the science behind the product, and in diving inside WHY our society is experiencing such a rapid decline of health