Your challenges are unique. Your protocol should be too.

Everyone’s detox journey and symptoms look different, which is why there’s not a one-size-fits-all protocol. And sometimes less is more. Our goal is to help you heal strategically and conserve more time, energy, and costs — without the overwhelm of too many supplements.

Your CellCore practitioner will assess your individual needs to determine which protocol, kits, and/or individual supplements are best for you at each stage of your journey.

Everyone’s Detox Journey Starts with the Roadmap to Health

There is a proper order to follow when it comes to supporting detoxification and getting well.* The Roadmap to Health breaks down this order into easy-to-follow steps or phases.

Although your patients’ protocols will be unique to them, the Roadmap to Health gives you a clear starting point to help every individual move through their detoxification journey with more ease, energy, and clarity.* As a result, they’ll get the results they’re looking for faster and avoid unwanted reactions.

Following the Roadmap to Health properly prepares the body for detoxification by first supporting the mitochondria and opening drainage pathways.* This helps minimize those unwanted reactions and ensure the body has sufficient energy to properly detoxify.*

This step-by-step process targets different areas of the body at each stage of detoxification, so that the underlying root causes of your patient’s symptoms can be efficiently addressed.*

No More Band-Aid Solutions: Changing Your Terrain Is the Path to Long-Term, Sustainable Wellness

You cannot heal in a toxic environment. As opposed to the widely-accepted germ theory, we focus on terrain. To overcome your symptoms for good and sustain long-term wellness, you must positively change your internal environment — the “terrain” of your body.

As you work through your customized protocol, you’ll positively influence your terrain by supporting your body’s drainage pathways, your natural detoxification processes, the health of your gut microbiome, and your body’s ability to repair cells and tissues.*

By promoting each of these crucial areas, you’ll experience sustainable, long-term wellness at the foundational level.*

CellCore has completely changed my patients' lives

These products have absolutely changed the way that I’ve been able to help my patients. The success stories that my patients have are incredible. We’re using these products and they’re working, and patients are coming back and asking for more because they work.

—Dr. Jaban Moore, DC

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