Carboxy is a binder that contains short- and long-chain carbons, which travel to different areas of the body to remove harmful environmental elements. That’s the key: Carboxy works systemically to promote full body detoxification, moving beyond the gut.

Carboxy contains electrolytes, humic and fulvic acid compounds, and polysaccharides, which help repair damage done to cells by toxins. It also promotes increased energy production at the cellular level. This repairative mechanism and ability to promote life is what sets Carboxy apart from traditional binders.
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As Part of the Protocol

Carboxy can be added into the Foundational Protocol or Comprehensive Protocol at any time. It can also be taken individually as needed.

Reparative mechanism to help promote healthy cells
Safe to take with food and most other supplements
Selective binding: will not bind to beneficial nutrients your body needs
Supports the safe removal of harmful elements
Systemic binding supports full body detoxification

Product FAQs

Carboxy has no known interactions, but it’s recommended to take Carboxy at least one hour away from any prescribed medications and Para 1. You can take Carboxy with all of the CellCore line at the same time, excluding Para 1.
Common detoxification symptoms may occur: anxiety, constipation, lightheadedness, nausea, rashes, stomach cramping, etc. If symptoms occur, you may consider lowering your dosage by half and/or consulting your healthcare practitioner.
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