Save the Date for CellCore Biosciences' Biannual Conference

Save the Date for CellCore Biosciences' Biannual Conference
April 22-24, 2021: ECO Live Is Streaming Online from Boise, ID

Meridian, Idaho, February 4th, 2021 — Twice yearly, CellCore Biosciences, a health company, puts on a transformational online three-day experience called Exponential Clinical Outcomes (ECO) Live.

With presentations from CellCore Biosciences’ founders, Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts, and other leading foundational medicine experts, ECO is centered on equipping CellCore practitioners with powerful tools, case studies, and ground-breaking knowledge to help their patients achieve greater levels of wellness.

While originally an in-person event, the most recent ECO Live in August 2020 switched to a virtual format. This allowed a higher attendance and access to education for learners across the globe. ECO Live in August had over 700 attendees. Attendance for ECO Live April 2021 is projected to be even greater, as 2,541 new practitioners joined CellCore in 2020.

Alek Jetsel, CellCore Practitioner Onboarding Manager, states: “With the strange circumstances we’ve encountered in 2020, our goal is to help more practitioners with brick and mortar businesses transition to a virtual business. This way, they can create more income online, increase the number of patients they’re able to help, and keep their businesses moving forward. This is one of the goals of ECO Live. We are looking to the future of CellCore with complete optimism.”

Practitioners will learn how to effectively support the body’s drainage system and why this is a crucial starting point for anyone seeking better health. They will also learn how to naturally address health imbalances and chronic illnesses that are on the rise, such as heavy metal and mold toxicity, Lyme disease and coinfections, parasitic infections, viruses, and more.

The team of scientists who formulate CellCore Biosciences products will also present in-depth information on the company’s products and a new ground-breaking category in supplements: Carbon Technology.

Jetsel adds: “Here at CellCore Biosciences, we want to continue innovating and offering new solutions in 2021. We don’t plan to slow down.”

ECO Live’s speaker lineup includes functional medicine experts Dr. Alan Lindlsey, Dr. Jaban Moore, and Dr. Jessica Peattross, who will be contributing on a variety of topics: glyphosate and Lyme disease, mold and mycotoxins, and the onset of PANS/PANDAS in children.

Although hosted online, ECO Live is an interactive event where practitioners are encouraged to ask all of their questions, network with other attendees, and follow along with a provided digital workbook. All participants receive exclusive bonuses, including additional content, event-only discounts, and more to be announced as the event draws nearer.

For those interested in registering as a CellCore practitioner and attending ECO Live, they can begin registration here.

For those already registered as CellCore practitioners, they can find updates on latest ECO Live information and registration here.