CellCore’s Health Practitioner Conference Provided Education for Over 1,000 Participants

CellCore’s Health Practitioner Conference Provided Education for Over 1,000 Participants
ECO Live Was Successfully Hosted in Downtown Boise, Idaho from August 18th–20th

Meridian, Idaho, September 7, 2022 — Throughout August 18th–20th, downtown Boise was flooded with healthcare practitioners from across the country who attended CellCore Biosciences’ health conference, ECO (Exponential Clinical Outcomes) Live. CellCore is a wellness company that provides health practitioners with products and education to support gut health, immune health, and detoxification.

CellCore offers this educational conference annually to support health practitioners from around the world. About 600 in-person attendees and 450 virtual attendees — including acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopaths, and others — attended this year’s three-day event where they learned about the latest, cutting-edge natural health research and solutions.

Lakrista Odell, repeat ECO attendee and Oklahoma health practitioner, shares, “When I went to my first CellCore event, my practice just took off. It isn’t even just the products, it is the knowledge. Using the knowledge from the first ECO event really catapulted things forward because I was able to help people in a different way.”

She continues, “It’s my favorite event every year, and everybody that I talk to, I tell them to come because you just can’t even put a price on what there is to learn here.”

Dr. Nick Carruthers, ECO attendee and ECO 2021 speaker, adds, “Coming into ECO, the energy here is amazing, you know, to have over 600 like-minded individuals, especially where the state of the world is still in so much fear. There is no fear walking around here. It’s literally people being their true, authentic selves, wanting to help other people be the best version of themselves.”

At this season’s ECO, CellCore co-founders Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts enlightened the attendees on the latest foundational health information, leading to advice on how to create ‘exponential clinical outcomes’ for their patients. Additional top-tier practitioners also took the stage, including Dr. Jessica Peatross, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Jack Wolfson, Dr. Rachaele Carver-Morin, and Dr. Stephanie Canestraro.

Intentionally disruptive topics filled the lectures at this conference. Speakers addressed the latest research on topics like common pediatric concerns, how environmental toxins impact the cardiovascular system, and the connection between trauma and physical well-being.

More insight into this ECO event can be experienced through watching CellCore’s conference highlight video. The next ECO will take place in May 2023. Learn more about CellCore on their website and more about ECO 2022 here.

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is an innovative, wholesale nutraceutical brand for thousands of practitioners worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and education, CellCore is redefining health through root cause solutions. To learn more, please visit CellCore.com.