CellCore Co-Founder Explains that “The Mouth is the Window to the Entire Body”

CellCore Co-Founder Explains that “The Mouth is the Window to the Entire Body”

Dr. Jay Davidson Educates on the Importance of a Whole Body, Integrative Approach to Dentistry Through Biological Dentists

Meridian, Idaho, April 21, 2022 — Biological dentistry is the new trend in the dental industry. Many patients are seeking dentists who make decisions based on their overall health, versus just the needs presented by the mouth and aesthetic preferences. As part of education for practitioners, CellCore Biosciences co-founder, Dr. Jay Davidson, recently dived into the importance of limiting toxicity in dentistry and the strong connection the mouth has to the rest of your health. 

According to the IABDM, biological dentistry involves dentists working with medical and functional practitioners to treat the entire patient, “body, mind, spirit, and mouth.” They intend to get rid of the us-versus-them mentality that medical specialization tends to promote, and instead work together for the overall good of the patients. 

Dr. Jay explains, “More and more healthcare professionals are starting to acknowledge that every biological system is interconnected, and that every part of the body affects another. Much of a person’s health starts in the mouth.”

He adds, “If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mouth is a giant toothy window to the entire body.”

The dental industry is also starting to understand how many toxins are present in traditional dentistry. Biological dentists are working toward avoiding and reducing toxic exposure for their patients by offering alternatives. As part of this process, many biological dentists take an integrative approach similar to traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Jay says, “In their practice, biological dentists usually merge concepts such as acupuncture, electromagnetics, energy, homeopathy, light, muscle testing, nutrition, and sound with more traditional science and dentistry. This can support healing throughout the body, resulting in a healthier mouth.”

Dr. Jay emphasizes that these little adjustments can make a big difference in the long-run for overall toxin exposure, and neglecting oral health may be a major obstacle when working on full body wellness or a health protocol. 

Concluding his discussion, Dr. Jay says, “Using non-toxic methods and focusing on the mouth’s connection to the rest of the body, biological dentists can safely treat the patient as a whole and promote sustainable, whole-body health.”

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