CellCore Biosciences Hosts Mycotoxins Webinar with the Paleo Cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson

CellCore Biosciences Hosts Mycotoxins Webinar with the Paleo Cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson

Join Treasure Valley Health Company as They Host ‘The Cardiovascular Connection’

Meridian, Idaho, January 19, 2022 — On January 20th, 2022, at 6:00pm MST, Dr. Jack Wolfson will be joining health company CellCore Biosciences in a webinar for health practitioners. The discussion will focus on mycotoxins and the cardiovascular connection, as Dr. Wolfson is known as “The Paleo Cardiologist” and has a unique understanding of these concepts. 

‘The Cardiovascular Connection’ webinar will dive into the specifics of mycotoxicity, the scope of cardiovascular disease, reducing toxic burden, detoxification, and mycotoxins’ influence on cardiovascular disease. 

Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist, #1 Amazon best-selling author, husband and father, and a leading natural heart doctor. For over two decades, more than one million people have enjoyed the warmth, compassion, and transformational power of his natural heart health courses and events. Dr. Wolfson has been named as one of America’s Top Functional Medicine Doctors and is a five-time winner of the Natural Choice Awards as a holistic M.D. In addition, Dr. Wolfson’s work has been covered by more than 100 media outlets, including CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post. 

CellCore CEO and co-founder Dr. Todd Watts shares about the webinar: “Mycotoxicity is a common root cause that goes unseen and can wreak havoc on the body. If a practitioner can further understand how mycotoxins can affect health and the influence it has on cardiovascular disease, it can improve their effectiveness in helping patients. We invited Dr. Wolfson onto this webinar to share his insights with practitioners from around the world, as he has a wealth of information on natural heart health.”

CellCore is a natural wellness company focused on providing health solutions to support detoxification, gut health, and the immune system. They partner with practitioners globally to provide natural health support to their patients. Dr. Wolfson is one of those practitioners who has become an advocate for the brand.

Dave Huffman, Vice President of Marketing for CellCore, says, “Education is central to who we are as a company. This webinar is just one of the ways we are enhancing our practitioner education options. Our intention is to amplify the messages of like-minded practitioners to provide new ideas to our practitioners for improved clinical applications.”

To register for the webinar on January 20th with "The Paleo Cardiologist" Dr. Jack Wolfson, go here. A special offer will be provided for live attendees. 

If you are a health practitioner, you can apply to become a CellCore practitioner on the CellCore website

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is an innovative, wholesale nutraceutical brand for thousands of practitioners worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and education, CellCore is redefining the way we view root cause solutions and foundational health. To learn more, please visit CellCore.com.

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