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Name changed recently from Lymphatic Support to LymphActiv.

The importance of establishing drainage begins with the lymphatic system, and our Lymphatic Support supplement is comprised of a variety of natural ingredients, including Astragalus root, graviola, chuchuhuasi, and several other natural components whose anthraquinones, sterols and tannins provide antioxidants and other immune-supporting properties. Coupled with our BioActive Carbon molecules, LymphActiv creates the lymphatic motion needed to support drainage.

I am thrilled to have a product devoted to the lymph system. It is such a vital part of our immune system. With all of the toxicity in our lives, our immune systems need all of the support we can give.

— Deb T.

  • Prevent Stagnation

    Open up the drainage pathways in the lymph to create an environment that repels pathogens, toxins, and inflammation

  • Support Brain Drain

    Keeping the lymph system in motion helps the brain perform its process of removing harmful toxins during sleep which helps with brain fog and memory recall

  • Supported by BioActive Carbon

    Directs and protects ingredients to the right places at the proper pH levels for maximum impact and results

Product Overview

The importance of establishing drainage begins with the lymphatic system, and our Lymphatic Detox supplement is comprised of a variety of natural ingredients, coupled with our BioActive Carbon molecules, to create the lymphatic motion needed to support drainage.

Many of the symptoms of a toxic lymphatic system are commonplace, including brain fog and memory issues. Our formulation includes slippery elm bark, which functions as a mild diuretic, Astragalus root, which supports the liver and lymphatic system, Graviola, and Chuchuhuasi, which provides adrenal support. Additionally, we’ve added turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel, and burdock root, whose anthraquinones, tannins, and plant sterols have antioxidant properties, and other immune system-supporting properties. Burdock root, specifically, has been shown to be particularly effective in supporting the body’s efforts to remove biofilm.

This blend of natural ingredients and our BioActive Carbon allow for effective detoxification coupled with binding and die-off symptom mitigation. This means your detox efforts are optimized while your progression toward overall wellness is maximized.

As part of the protocol

Lymphatic Detox forms the foundation of a comprehensive strategy to establish proper drainage of the lymphatic system. Continuing with Lymphatic Detox as you work through the protocol ensures ongoing efficient drainage of the lymphatic system and ensures that as unwanted elements are removed from the system, they find their way out of the body.
  • Adrenal support during detoxification
  • Antioxidant and immune support
  • Support in removal of biofilm
  • Chelation and repair with BioActive Carbons

Product FAQs

Do your products contain gluten or animal byproducts?

No, all of our products are gluten free and do not contain animal byproducts. We list all of our ingredients on each of our product pages.

Why do I need to support my lymphatic system?

As part of overall systemic drainage, it is important to promote optimal drainage from the lymphatic into the kidneys and liver, and into the colon to ensure those elements removed through detox have a clear path out of the body.

What does lymphatic detox do for my body?

The ingredients in this supplement provide various support mechanisms specifically formulated to promote proper lymphatic systemic drainage.

How long should I be on these products?

Our typical protocol length can be about four months. While many of our products can be taken alone, their value is optimized when part of a protocol. Many people have found long-term usage to provide additional health benefits.

Is this product organic?

All of our ingredients are organic. The capsules are vegetable-derived, but fall outside the purview of organic certification bodies.

Can I open up the capsule to take this or split dosage?

There is no issue opening the capsule to take the product, we recommend mixing it with a smoothie or juice to help with the taste.