Why Supporting Drainage Pathways is Important


Improves systemic detoxification


Supports the body’s innate ability to heal


Minimizes unwanted detox symptoms


Optimizes cellular function


Drainage Activator

Assists all drainage processes within the body but focuses on supporting one key area: The extracellular matrix (the fluid between cells).* The ECM touches every part of the drainage funnel from the cells to the colon, making it an essential first-step drainage supplement for every health stage.*

KL Support

Supports the kidney and liver’s natural cleansing and filtering processes and prevents the reabsorption of unwanted substances into the bloodstream during periods of increased cleansing.*

CellCore Products to Support the Drainage Funnel

A two-minute breakdown of the drainage funnel and how each product targets and supports each of the key areas.

Advanced TUDCA

Supports the quality and increased production of bile and the health of the liver-bile duct system, which aids the elimination of harmful substances from our bodies.*

Bowel Mover

A natural digestive aid that encourages the optimal frequency of bowel movements (2-3 per day), while supporting digestive function and intestinal health.*


Assists lymphatic movement throughout the body and helps maintain optimal fluid balance, as well as immune system health, adrenal function, liver health, and mental clarity.*

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