CellCore Biosciences Adds “Sunshine” to Company Culture in Their Fourth Year of Operation

CellCore Biosciences Adds “Sunshine” to Company Culture in Their Fourth Year of Operation

Local Health and Wellness Company Shares How a Strong Culture Is a Top Priority

Meridian, Idaho, January 21, 2022 — CellCore Biosciences, a local health and wellness company, prides themselves in the intentional effort they put toward building company culture. In 2017, CellCore began with two doctors who wanted to provide effective, natural support for detoxification and gut health. Fast forward four years, and a business with originally just 23 employees has grown to over 130 employees.

Shawnda Huffman, Vice President of Communications for CellCore, says, “With fast growth comes a need for a strong culture foundation. We have made it our goal to provide our team opportunities to connect with and care for one another to build morale and sustain healthy working relationships.”

CellCore is constantly looking for new ways to unify their team members. This year, CellCore established a team building committee coined the “Sunshine Committee.” It is made up of individuals from across the company that come together to plan and execute activities to allow bonding opportunities for CellCore employees. 

In 2021, the company hosted various activities, including a company picnic at a Boise Hawks game, whitewater rafting, a field day with outdoor games, and a pumpkin carving contest. They capped off the year with a holiday party held at a rock climbing gym.

Rachel Cook, Junior Graphic Designer for CellCore and Sunshine Committee member, shares, “It's awesome that as coworkers we get quarterly opportunities to step away from work and just get to know each other. Learning about someone’s life outside of work makes communication inside of work so much easier. I have seen a major difference in the team’s ability to work closely on big projects after participating in team building activities.”

Additionally, as part of their mission to prioritize their core value of putting “People First,” CellCore offers a monthly stipend for team members to provide intentional acts of kindness for others. Team members have used these funds for a variety of areas, including gifting CellCore health products, gas cards, or even a simple flower delivery to bring a smile to someone struggling.

Culture Chief for CellCore, Craig Randall, shares, “CellCore has a culture like no other. It really comes down to the people that work here. We encourage each person to lead from a place of self-care and self-love, so that they can pass it on to others.”

Randall adds, “With our company growth, we continue to add more and more remote team members. Looking ahead to this year, we are striving to incorporate them in the team building activities. This will help us with our goal to become 1% better each day for ourselves and our team.”

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is an innovative, wholesale nutraceutical brand for thousands of practitioners worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and education, CellCore is redefining the way we view root cause solutions and foundational health. To learn more, please visit CellCore.com.

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