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Metabolic Activator

Metabolic Activator is a NEW comprehensive metabolic support liquid supplement.* This unique combination of key nutrients work together to provide powerful support for healthy metabolic, thyroid and mitochondrial function.*

Metabolic Activator combines iodine with Coleus forskohlii extract, selenium, potassium iodide, riboflavin, and molybdenum, which work synergistically to support thyroid and metabolic activity.*

CellCore Carbon Technology helps to aid absorption and protect and drive each nutrient to where it needs to go in the body, thanks to the soil-derived, highly bio-available fulvic acid blend.*

This one-of-a-kind formula supports hormonal function, including sex hormones, glucose metabolism and the conversion of thyroid hormones (T4 to T3).* Metabolic Activator can assist in upregulating production of cyclic AMP (cAMP), aid healthy antioxidant balance, and support healthy weight management.*

Metabolic Activator can be taken by anyone who will benefit from increased metabolic support.* It can be taken alongside all CellCore products, kits, and protocols. A convenient liquid format allows for customized dosing.

Disclaimer: Do not take this product if you are pregnant. If you’re breastfeeding, consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before adding to your routine.

Formulated with Carbon Technology

Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of fulvic acids that support cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.* With a low pH, Carbon Technology also helps protect ingredients from being digested by stomach acid, so that they remain intact as they enter the desired location in the body.

Please Note: **Natural settling may occur. Shake before use.**

  • Metabolic Support*

  • Thyroid Support*

  • Mitochondrial Support*

As Part of the Protocol

Metabolic Activator is included in Phase 4B of the Comprehensive Protocol.

Note that Metabolic Activator is safe to take at any point in time outside of the protocol. Your practitioner may recommend taking it at different stages, based on your unique needs. 

Product FAQs

What’s the difference between Metabolic Activator, GCO, and S-TRO? Can I take them all together?

While Metabolic Activator supports overall hormonal balance, it’s formulated with key ingredients for thyroid health, while S-TRO is formulated to support estrogen metabolism and GCO supports existing healthy blood sugar levels.* All three supplements can be taken together as needed for complete hormone balance support.*

Does Metabolic Activator have to be taken with food, or can it be taken without?

It can be taken with or without food. If you’re sensitive to the ingredients, take it with food.

Can I take Metabolic Activator if I’m also taking thyroid medication?

Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner when introducing a new supplement to your routine. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to take all supplements at least two hours away from prescription medications.

What time of day should I take Metabolic Activator?

Metabolic Activator supports energy production, so it’s best taken before 4 PM to avoid interfering with sleep patterns.*

Did Metabolic Activator replace CT-Iodine?

Yes. Metabolic Activator is in all of the kits and protocols that previously contained CT-Iodine as it is a more complete hormone support supplement.*