Patient Direct Rewards Promotion


About the Promotion

We're thrilled to announce an EXCLUSIVE Patient Direct Rewards promotion designed to benefit your patients and enhance their experience with CellCore Biosciences!

Terms of the promotion

Patients will earn 15% back in CellCore Rewards to be used on a future purchase during the redemption period.

Time period

Patients will earn CellCore Rewards March 18-29, 2024 and redeem rewards April 1 – June 30, 2024​.

How to use

CellCore Rewards will automatically be added to the patient account. Patients can choose to apply their CellCore Rewards as a form of payment at check out during the redemption period.

15% Cash Rewards Sitewide March 18-29
How This Benefits You
Opportunity to Grow Your Business
Gain a Commission Boost
Patient Reengagement Opportunity
Get Insightful Sales Data

Communications to Patients

Web Banners

We're spreading the word directly to our patients with eye-catching web banners Patients can easily see and click to place an order, generating 15% CellCore Rewards on their purchases.



We'll be sending a series of emails to Patient Direct accounts with all the details they need to know about this valuable offer. It's a convenient and direct way to keep your patients informed and engaged.


Social Media

We're reaching out to your patients where they spend their time online - social media! Through our social media channels, we're sharing engaging posts about our promotion, inviting patients to earn 15% CellCore Rewards on their purchases.


Have Questions?

Browse our FAQs

Similar to the promotional period, CellCore Rewards remain non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder for whom they were earned.

Yes, patients can combine any rewards, credits, or discounts they have during the redemption.

If patients have unused CellCore Rewards after June 30th, 2024, those rewards will expire and become invalid for future use.

To redeem their CellCore Rewards earned during the promotion period, patients would simply add items to their cart on the CellCore website. At checkout, under the order total, they'll find an 'Apply' button. They can click it to apply their rewards to their purchase.

When earned, CellCore Rewards will merge with any existing account credits on the CellCore site. It's important to note that while any unused CellCore Rewards will expire on June 30th, existing account credits will remain unaffected.

Patients can easily check their CellCore Rewards balance by visiting their account page and selecting 'CellCore Wallet'. Once they click on it, they'll be redirected to a page where they can view their personal balance.

Yes, CellCore Rewards can be used as a payment method and applied towards covering shipping costs.

CellCore Rewards can only be redeemed for products and cannot be used for gift cards or other non-product items.

No, there are no limitations on the number of CellCore Rewards patients can redeem in a single transaction.

If they believe there's an error in the amount of CellCore Rewards they've earned or redeemed, please have them reach out to our customer support team at They will assist them in resolving any discrepancies or issues promptly.