“The Lyme Guy” Helps to Shed Light for Lyme Disease Awareness Month

“The Lyme Guy” Helps to Shed Light for Lyme Disease Awareness Month
CellCore Co-Founder Dr. Jay Davidson Educates on Lyme Disease Types and Treatments

Meridian, Idaho, May 16, 2022 — May is national Lyme Disease Awareness Month and Meridian, Idaho health company CellCore Biosciences has decided to add their voice to the cause. Their co-founder, Dr. Jay Davidson, provided some education about the disease to help raise awareness of this rising global concern.

Dr. Jay is fondly known as “The Lyme Guy.” Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, Dr. Jay’s various knee injuries led him to working with practitioners who inspired him to create a career focused on healing and health. Years later, his wife’s health started to rapidly decline. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease at a young age, but after having her daughter, her health took a turn for the worst. Dr. Jay and his wife, a doctor herself, worked together to figure out her health struggles and this led to his expertise. Dr. Jay is also a two-time international bestselling author on Lyme disease.

In this month’s discussion on Lyme, Dr. Jay covered acute vs. chronic Lyme infections, and the misconceptions about how to identify and treat them.

He explains Lyme disease is commonly contracted through ticks, and that “within the first few days to weeks of the infection, people may develop an erythema migrans rash, which has a bullseye pattern.” However, he warns, “Many infected people don’t get the rash.”

Dr. Jay continues by explaining that this acute type of Lyme infection is characterized by “symptoms of the flu with aches, pains, and swollen glands. Like other short-term infections, this may last a few weeks. It’s easiest to diagnose and treat at this stage.”

On the other hand, he says, “Chronic Lyme disease, also called ‘late Lyme,’ is much different. Signs of illness may appear gradually over time or may have never entirely subsided with earlier treatment… If individuals have chronic Lyme disease, they may develop long-term problems like horrible fatigue, joint pain, and trouble thinking.”

In the discussion, Dr. Jay points out that symptoms of chronic Lyme — including autoimmune diseases, brain fog and cognitive issues, debilitating chronic fatigue, and joint pain — commonly lead to misdiagnosis. Also, testing can be unreliable with chronic Lyme because when it gets to the late stages, it may suppress your immune system, which will no longer produce enough antibodies to be detected on a blood test.

Plus, antibiotics are not always enough to address late Lyme. He explains this stealthy bacteria can avoid antibiotics by changing its physical shape and camouflage itself by changing its DNA. Also, antibiotics do not target toxins or parasites, which may have been the root cause all along.

Dr. Jay says, “The answer to tackling chronic Lyme disease is to support the main systems in the body that are overwhelmed and address all contributors to the disease in the right order.”

He suggests a phased approach of addressing drainage first, then supporting detox organs and lymphatic system, cleaning up parasites, and finally going after Lyme. These foundational steps are essential in sustained recovery.

He concludes with the hope that we can raise more awareness of Lyme disease and support those who are silently suffering. To learn more about Lyme Disease Awareness Month, please visit Lyme Disease.org. To learn more about CellCore, please visit the CellCore website.

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