CellCore Co-Founder, Dr. Jay Davidson, Spoke at “It Starts in the Gut Summit” in Mid-March

CellCore Co-Founder, Dr. Jay Davidson, Spoke at “It Starts in the Gut Summit” in Mid-March

Lyme Expert, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, and Public Speaker Dr. Jay Davidson Dives Into Hidden Sources of Digestive Issues

Meridian, Idaho, March 31, 2022 — Dr. Jay Davidson, CellCore co-founder, spoke at the “It Starts in the Gut Summit” hosted by Sinclair Kennally of Detox RejuveNation over the weekend of March 19th. Kennaly created this free event to bring people the information they need to change their health and their lives through gut balance.

Dr. Jay was one of many experts invited to speak throughout the five-day event. In his portion, he focused on an intentionally disruptive idea around what is actually causing gut imbalances for individuals today. 

He says, “So many people are focused on the gut microbiome. What they really need to understand is that when there are toxins, poisons, and chemicals in the gut, it makes the normally beneficial bugs go pathogenic and this leads to imbalance.”

He continues, “The most important thing you can do is remove the poisons. The good bacteria will reestablish themselves if you remove toxins, rather than just using probiotics to grow the good bacteria, which could potentially become an overgrowth.” 

Dr. Jay has a doctorate in chiropractors, alongside many specialties. He has accumulated a great deal of knowledge over years of clinical experience and strives to help others by sharing his insight with the world. 

After being inspired to pursue a career in health as a high schooler, Dr. Jay found an even bigger motivator when his wife’s health started to rapidly decline. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease at a young age, but after giving birth to their daughter, her health took a turn for the worst. 

Dr. Jay and his wife, a doctor herself, have worked together to figure out her health struggles and discover the root causes. This was the catalyst to Dr. Jay’s career in foundational medicine, with a focus on root causes, including gut health.  

Dr. Jay met his business partner, Dr. Todd Watts, at a Lyme conference in 2017. The two doctors bonded over the similarities in their health stories and their own life goals, and a partnership was formed. From there, their health company, CellCore Biosciences, was founded in 2017 to provide quality health products to those seeking a change.

Dr. Jay concluded his presentation at the summit by saying, “It is important that people understand that the underlying cause of why the microbiome is disrupted is toxicity. I recommend starting with detoxing, and then the microbiome will reestablish its natural balance, and individuals can have a naturally diverse microbiome.”

You can access the “It Starts in the Gut” summit for a limited time if you purchase a Summit Access Pass here. Learn more about Dr. Jay on his website. Learn more about Dr. Jay’s company, CellCore, and its products here.  

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