CellCore Biosciences Provides Heavy Metals Presentation from Founding Doctor

CellCore Biosciences Provides Heavy Metals Presentation from Founding Doctor

Heavy Metals Awareness Month Continues with an Educational Video from Health Company 

Meridian, Idaho, February 11, 2022 — As part of their self-proclaimed “Heavy Metals Awareness Month,” CellCore Biosciences is providing an in-depth explanation of heavy metals in regards to health products. Dr. Jay Davidson, one of the health company’s founding doctors, reviews multiple aspects of this popular topic in his recorded presentation available to CellCore practitioners here.

In the presentation, Dr. Jay explains the heavy metal standards that CellCore follows to ensure the safety of their products, along with sharing common mistakes people make in evaluating heavy metals reports.

He begins, “What guidelines do we follow here at CellCore? NSF International. Why do we pick the NSF? Because they are the most reputable around the world and most widely used as far as wellness product companies go.”

In the health product industry, there is limited guidance around heavy metals. Because of this, companies like CellCore look to NSF standards to ensure purity and safety in their products. The presentation also reviews in detail the certificates of analysis (COAs) for multiple CellCore products. Dr. Jay explains their goal is to be transparent and educate around the testing specifications and how to interpret them.

Dr. Jay continues, “[At CellCore], as we are running our products and ingredients, we are testing them. All of our ingredients and blends are screened for heavy metals to ensure that they meet our strict specifications.”

As individuals and practitioners strive to understand which products contain safe amounts of heavy metals, Dr. Jay explains that reading reports is complicated and there are two major common mistakes when evaluating them. First, third party testing labs will often measure the results against the wrong set of standards; and secondly, the math conversions are very complex and easily misinterpreted.

In the presentation, he invites practitioners to consider the following: “Which standards are you utilizing when testing a supplement? It’s pretty common actually to have water standards when testing a health product by accident, not realizing that there are health product standards, food standards, water standards... So just making sure you have the right guidelines or standards is essential.”

To conclude, Dr. Jay confidently answers this question based on the reports and extensive research: “Are any of CellCore products harmful? No, they are not.”

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