CellCore Biosciences Launches Additional Immune and Digestive Support Product*

CellCore Biosciences Launches Additional Immune and Digestive Support Product*

New Para 4 Product Is a Natural, Well-Tolerated Foundational Health Product

Meridian, Idaho, February 3, 2022 — CellCore Biosciences, an Idaho health company, is releasing a new, all-natural immune and digestive support product called Para 4. The product is now available for practitioners to purchase on the CellCore website as of Monday, January 31, 2022. 

Para 4 is the latest in the series of CellCore Para products to go along with Para 1, Para 2, and Para 3 products. When taken in sequential order over a period of time, the products work together to support immunity and a healthy gut microbiome.* 

Dr. Todd Watts, CEO and co-founder of CellCore, says, “Para 4 completes the Para series of products. It helps cover more ground and touches on new areas compared to the first three Para products. These four products build off each other for more and more momentum in personal health journeys.*”

Formulated with a blend of 12 herbs, including cordyceps, holy basil, horse tail, noni root, and sarsaparilla, Para 4 promotes the body’s natural detox processes, while encouraging a balanced microbiome.* Because the formula does not include black walnut hulls, Para 4 is generally well-tolerated by those who are sensitive to this ingredient commonly found in other immune-boosting products. 

Dr. Jay Davidson, co-founder of CellCore, adds, “Excluding black walnut hulls makes it possible for patients with nut sensitivities to take advantage of the amazing support that all of these other natural ingredients can provide.* Para 4 is a more comprehensive, sensitive-friendly option to provide practitioners the opportunity to further customize protocols for their patients based on their individual needs.”

Also included in Para 4, CellCore’s proprietary Carbon Technology helps protect the integrity of ingredients for optimal delivery and absorption in the body. You can learn more about Para 4 on the CellCore website.

This product will only be available to order through a practitioner, as CellCore is a practitioner brand. If you are a healthcare practitioner, you can apply to become a CellCore practitioner on the CellCore website

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is an innovative, wholesale nutraceutical brand for thousands of practitioners worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and education, CellCore is redefining the way we view root cause solutions and foundational health. To learn more, please visit CellCore.com.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Shawnda Huffman, Vice President of Communications for CellCore Biosciences, at shawnda.huffman@cellcorebiosciences.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.