Energy Boost Kit

Supercharge your stamina and brain power by supplying the components your body needs for better cellular processing. Enhance thyroid and mitochondrial function as well as cellular metabolism and achieve true energy without stimulants. Give your body the tools it needs to fuel your day as well as your detox efforts.
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Reduce Fatigue

Increases the amount of oxygen in supply for ATP production and the subsequent supply of energy to the cells

Thyroid Support

Iodine and other minerals can help promote thyroid health which in turn can help increase energy

Banish Burnout

Avoid afternoon crashes by increasing oxygen and minerals needed for enzymatic reactions in the body

What's Included

With over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace minerals and a dozen amino acids, CT-Minerals supports any overall detox regimen while providing additional building blocks to energize the body throughout the process.

MitoATP is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function and up regulate ATP production. MitoATP improves your ability to detoxify while increasing energy systemically.

Provide your body with the proper amounts of iodine and iodide needed for optimal thyroid health and natural hormone production. As BioActive Carbon molecules remove harmful halogens, receptors open that are then filled with iodine, promoting optimal thyroid balance.

Dosing Instructions

Energy Boost Kit - Directions

How it Works

Follow the dosing instructions until you’ve finished the supplements

Listen to Your Body

Always pay attention to your digestion, energy levels, mood, and how you feel overall. If you experience discomfort while taking these products, please call 1-866-902-0977 to speak with customer support. Our team will help you better understand how to adjust your dosing.

Cellcore Biosciences Customer: Rachel Testimonial
I struggle with anemia and some B12 issues and am often fatigued. These product gave me an instant energy boost which was much needed. Surprised that I saw results so quickly and will definitely be getting more to have on hand!


Detox Hero
Cellcore Biosciences Customer: Ximena S. Testimonial
Amazing! In the past I was afraid to add Iodine to my diet since I suffer from Hashimoto, but when I heard Dr. Jay Davidson talk about it in one of the Live with the Docs I decided to give it a try. As soon as I started I felt so much energy! I think I feel better in general. I am less fatigue in the afternoon, sleeping great without waking up in the middle of the night, I am more focused, and I don’t have joint pain. I don’t know if all of this can be attribute to these products, but I feel so good overall.

Ximena S.

Detox Hero


Streamline and strengthen your natural energy production with the Energy Pack. By increasing thyroid function, binding toxins, and bolstering tissue oxygen levels, you’ll say goodbye to fatigue and hello to vitality. You’ll support tissue repair, organ function, and detox, all while boosting brain power for better overall health.

Increased Energy
Boosted Thyroid Function
Improved Mental Recall

Product FAQs

BioMolecular Oxygen can be utilized in a number of ways. For an energy boost, simply dose into a glass of water, juice, or your favorite smoothie. You can also nebulize this supplement for rapid absorption into your body.

Hint: Taken outside the Energy Boost pack, you can apply this topically to sore joints and muscles. 

As you boost your energy, you do so by removing obstacles to your body's ability to function as designed. Oxygen is an incredible healer, and the BioActive Carbons in our supplements have the ability to push through to the cellular level and energize your system. BioActive Carbon Iodine helps to push out harmful halides and replace them with beneficial and essential iodine and iodide. The end result is a more energized system optimized to help you power through.

We recommend that you take our iodine supplement morning and midday. Taking it later in the day may disrupt sleep patterns in some users.

All of our supplements are designed to be taken together or separately, whichever fits best into your schedule.

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