CellCore Biosciences Releases Two New Products to Support Digestion: CT-Biotic and CT-Zyme

CellCore Biosciences Releases Two New Products to Support Digestion: CT-Biotic and CT-Zyme

Health Company’s New Products Provide Additional Ways to Support Digestive Function and Immune Health

Meridian, Idaho, January 14, 2022 — This week wellness company CellCore Biosciences released two new products designed to assist in digestion. The first product, CT-Biotic, is a probiotic designed with 11 beneficial bacteria strains, while the second product, CT-Zyme, provides the body with helpful digestive enzymes. Both products are available now for practitioners to purchase through the CellCore website.

Dr. Todd Watts, CEO and co-founder of CellCore, says, “Healthy digestion is essential in the drainage process and for sustainable health. Both bacteria and enzymes are an important part of a healthy digestive system. CT-Biotic provides non-spore-forming and spore-forming bacterial strains that are essential for supporting a healthy, balanced gut microbiome, and CT-Zyme provides enzymes to optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.”

Formerly CT-Spore, CT-Biotic offers an improved formula to provide greater detoxification support. And as digestive enzymes become more common in the natural health world, CellCore is looking forward to offering CT-Zyme as a solution for their customers. 

Tim Griswold, CellCore’s lead scientist, says, “With the inclusion of Carbon Technology, CT-Biotic stands out from other probiotics. For many traditional probiotics, the beneficial live bacteria inside them gets destroyed prematurely in stomach acid. Our proprietary Carbon Technology protects the microorganisms for successful delivery to the GI tract. Additionally, we designed CT-Zyme so that each enzyme functions at a specific pH, which makes the enzymes effective at every stage of digestion as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.”

CT-Biotic was originally announced at CellCore’s practitioner conference, ECO Orlando, in April 2021, while CT-Zyme was announced at ECO Boise in October 2021. The attendees of ECO Boise in October 2021 were given an exclusive pre-order option for both CT-Biotic and CT-Zyme that are now being fulfilled. To stay up-to-date on CellCore’s latest product developments, learn more about attending future ECO events on the CellCore website events page.  

These products are only available to order through a CellCore practitioner. If you are a health practitioner, you can apply to become a CellCore practitioner on the CellCore website

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is an innovative, wholesale nutraceutical brand for thousands of practitioners worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and education, CellCore is redefining the way we view root cause solutions and foundational health. To learn more, please visit CellCore.com.

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