CellCore Biosciences Hosts a Webinar Discussing Their New Energy Product, BC-ATP, Nicknamed “Brain Candies”

CellCore Biosciences Hosts a Webinar Discussing Their New Energy Product, BC-ATP, Nicknamed “Brain Candies”
CellCore Experts Outline BC-ATP Ingredients, Clinical Research, and Benefits in CellCore’s Monthly Webinar

Meridian, Idaho, May 11, 2022 — On Thursday, April 28th, CellCore Biosciences hosted their monthly educational webinar to highlight CellCore’s new formula, BC-ATP, that has begun helping individuals break through plateaus in their health journey. The webinar was led by Dr. Jay Davidson, co-founder of CellCore, along with co-founder and CEO Dr. Todd Watts, Lead Scientist Tim “The Atomic Man” Griswold, and Lead Educational Researcher Dr. Nick Ellenson.

Dr. Jay begins the webinar by saying, “BC-ATP has been out for a couple of weeks now and we are already getting amazing feedback.”

This new, all-natural product from CellCore is designed to facilitate energy production by supporting mitochondrial function.* Through providing important nutrients and charged particles, BC-ATP supports the body’s natural ability to produce energy.*

Dr. Jay shares in the webinar that the “BC” in the product name was inspired by multiple phrases, including “brain carbon,” “better carbon,” or even his personal favorite, “brain candies.”

He continues, “This [product] is formulated to support the mitochondria, and I really believe we absolutely hit it out of the park as a company.* I really don’t think there is anything else out there like this.”

In the webinar, Dr. Jay reviews possible benefits, including enhancing brain function and cognition, promoting the body’s ability to detox, and even improving the effectiveness of other supplements it’s paired alongside.*

Dr. Jay also walks listeners through the ingredients in BC-ATP and why each part is important. He dives deep into discussing fulvic acid, which is a key ingredient in CellCore’s cornerstone “Carbon Technology” and what makes their products unique.

He explains, “Fulvic and humic acids are powerhouses for boosting immunity, aiding digestion, aiding detoxification, and sustaining overall health.”*

Tim “The Atomic Man” Griswold, Lead Scientist at CellCore, continues the webinar by sharing some lab results and clinical studies from BC-ATP. Among the many conclusions found, Griswold explains how BC-ATP can assist in facilitating detoxification through its effect on the electrical resistance of individuals.* He also dissects how it impacts brain waves.* He says that generally the results show that the product promotes system balance.*

The webinar also welcomes a guest customer, who speaks about her son’s experience with BC-ATP. She shares this message from her son’s therapist: “This stuff is amazing. It made a huge difference.”

Dr. Todd, to conclude the webinar, says, “The electrical charges in this, in the fulvic acid and the polysaccharides that are in here, are just phenomenal for the brain.* This will be such a game changer in your protocols, and your clients and patients will feel the difference.”

For CellCore practitioners who missed the webinar, it is now available in the CellCore Learning Center, along with a multitude of additional educational resources.

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