Beware Glyphosate Damages the Gut Microbiome, Mitochondria, and More

Beware Glyphosate Damages the Gut Microbiome, Mitochondria, and More
Founding Doctors of CellCore Biosciences Explain Dangers of the Pesticide Glyphosate

Meridian, Idaho, July 12, 2021 — Glyphosate — the most widely used herbicide in the world — has been challenged with thousands of U.S. lawsuits. In 1985, the EPA even declared glyphosate as a potential carcinogenic. Despite this and numerous studies indicating health risks, it continues to be sprayed on crops, lawns, and other areas.

Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson, founders of health company CellCore Biosciences, have taken time to collect and share research about how dangerous this pesticide really is to the human body.

Specifically regarding its impact on gut health, Dr. Todd says, “Glyphosate can kill off beneficial microbes by disrupting the shikimate pathway. And it’s been shown to disrupt the microbiota of animals, plants, and soil. In fact, the chemical could act as an antibiotic. Glyphosate may kill off good bacteria, such as Lactobacillus.”

Dr. Jay adds how it injures mitochondria. He explains, “Lab studies have shown that glyphosate-based herbicides can damage mitochondrial DNA in human lung and liver cells. The herbicide causes the collapse of mitochondrial membranes, which signal the cells to self-destruct. Glyphosate disrupts the energy-making process and increases production of mitochondrial-damaging free radicals.”

Glyphosate seems inevitable in today’s world. The CellCore doctors explain that it’s commonly used on genetically modified (GMO) crops like corn and soybeans that have been altered to withstand the chemical. Plus, on crops like barley and wheat to dry them out so they can be harvested sooner. They mention that it can be found in drinking water, throughout the environment, and even on items like Christmas trees.

There are options for detox though! These health company founding doctors suggest carbon-based binders may help absorb toxins and replace depleted minerals. Drinking distilled water and eating organic or fermented foods can assist in limiting the chemical.

Dr. Jay concludes, “The evidence stacked against this toxic weed killer is pretty undeniable. Unfortunately, glyphosate is still prevalent in food, water, and the environment. But that doesn’t mean people are powerless against it.”

Health practitioners can create an account on the CellCore website to read more about this topic and many more in the CellCore Learning Center.

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

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