CellCore Expert Webinar Talks About Health Philosophies and Strategy for Helping Patients

CellCore Expert Webinar Talks About Health Philosophies and Strategy for Helping Patients
Dr. Mark Su Featured as a Guest Presenter to Dive Into CellCore Clinical Pearls

Meridian, Idaho, May 26, 2022 — On May 19th, Dr. Mark Su, MD, FAAFP, joined CellCore co-founder Dr. Jay Davidson on a webinar to talk about clinical pearls around CellCore products and education. Dr. Su broke down some complex topics into a streamlined process.

Dr. Su was introduced to functional medicine in 2008 after practicing as a doctor for five years. He dove into more education in the area and his passion started to grow. In 2018, he met Dr. Todd Watts, CellCore co-founder and CEO, and was catapulted into using CellCore in this practice.

When Dr. Su ran into a wall with knowing where to begin with treatments for each patient, he created a unique, personalized health map to guide him. He says, “It was just my organizational system to think through patient care… To me it was an incredible connection point for patients to follow my thinking and for me to understand their thinking.”

He continued, “This is what I tell patients. Everyone has a personalized health map. Think of it as a globe and the globe has three continents. Those three continents are self, non-self (exposome), and the interface. The interface is where the self and non-self are constantly in interaction.”

Through his continued research and practicing, he found his health map idea aligning deeply with the philosophies of CellCore. Dr. Mark started learning how important toxins are in health.

He said, “I say, we are reservoirs of bugs and toxins… from the day we are born, even in utero. That is not a problem. That is the way it should be. We need that interaction and it is both stimulating and harmful.”

He continues, “CellCore’s got this protocol approach that is so similar to what I derived for myself in the last couple years and had a lot of validation for.”

Dr. Su shared that the main CellCore topics he is passionate about educating patients on include talking about CellCore’s proprietary Carbon Technology, its philosophy around addressing draining first, and then the dilemma of toxins.

He mentioned how CellCore operates differently than other health-product companies. “This company, in my mind, is much more proactive as a supplement company in trying to educate practitioners.” He says, “I am really convicted of the mindset that CellCore has.”

Dr. Su is going to continue to dive into his expertise as a speaker at CellCore’s health-practitioner conference in August called ECO. Health practitioners can learn more about the conference and register on the CellCore website. Registered CellCore practitioners can watch the full webinar here.

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