Inflamma Control

Inflamma Control

Sometimes inflammation can get stuck in the “on” position, preventing your body from functioning like it was designed to. Help fuel your body with the natural anti-inflammatories in Inflamma Control. These 11 plant-based inflammation tamers help quiet rogue inflammation back to healthy levels. This can help your body reset, promote detox, and put you on the path to optimum health.
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I have a patient that was dealing with chronic full-body inflammation and after starting this product it was immediately cut in half and continues to reduce. It’s the best anti-inflammatory I have ever used.

Jaban M.

Promotes Glutathione Production

Specifically chosen botanicals help stimulate the Nrf2 pathway to enhance glutathione production

Supports Liver Function and Detox

Phytochemicals protect your liver and boost toxin removal

Mitochondrial Defense

Plant nutrients help protect mitochondria and spark their production

Product Overview

New research suggests that chronic inflammation is a contributing factor to chronic illness. The inflammation switch gets “flipped on” in order to stimulate the healing process, but it gets stuck in the “on” position, causing a cascade of uncomfortable symptoms. Inflamma Control helps to move that switch by stimulating your own natural anti-inflammatory pathways.

Inflamma Control contains a combination of 11 plant-based inflammation tamers:

  • Broccoli Sprout: supports the Nrf2 pathway and glutathione production
  • Mulberry: increases detox and glutathione
  • Artichoke Leaf: helps mitochondria and energy production
  • Blueberry: supports detox, digestion, and liver health
  • Wheatgrass: enhances immune and liver function
  • Acai: protects mitochondria with potent antioxidant properties
  • Pineapple Bromelain: supports immune function and joint health
  • Olive Leaf: stimulates mitochondrial production and helps prevent DNA damage
  • L-Citrulline: boosts immune function and helps the liver mitochondria detox ammonia
  • Pomegranate: lessens gut inflammation and helps wound healing
  • Astaxanthin: protects mitochondria and helps defend against viruses

Together, these powerful plant extracts soothe chronic inflammation to help your body get back to optimal functioning.

Inflammation can play a role in many disease processes and symptoms:

We don't want to turn inflammation off completely, though. It's an important and protective response that helps prevent infection and heal damaged tissues after an acute injury or illness. Dealing with chronic infections and toxins can trigger ongoing issues, though. Keep your body in check and balanced with potent plant-based inflammation-tamers.

Digestive Issues
Memory Loss
Weight Gain
Mitochondrial Dysfunction
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The sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts helps to stimulate the Nrf2 pathway. This helps to upregulate glutathione production and protects cells from harmful toxins.  

These berries contain anthocyanins that help ignite the Nrf2 pathway. That helps to support liver function, increase blood flow, combat fatigue, and regulate blood sugar levels.

The phytochemicals in artichoke leaf help to stimulate the Nrf2 pathway to help lower inflammation. They may also boost energy production in the mitochondria and improve digestive health. 

This berry contains powerful antioxidants that support your Nrf2 pathway. They may also help to feed good gut bacteria, promote liver health, help the immune system, and improve endurance.

Wheatgrass helps to enhance liver health and immune function. It may help optimize digestion by combating bad gut bacteria.

This berry contains what scientists think may be the most powerful antioxidant ever studied, velutin. It may help to protect from toxins and prevent mitochondrial dysfunction.

This enzyme may help to support immune function. It is also antimicrobial and may help joint health.

Olive leaf promotes heart health and stimulates the cells to make more mitochondria. It also inhibits harmful bacteria and may help prevent DNA damage.

This amino acid may help the mitochondria to process dangerous ammonia into urea. It may also support the immune system and enhance stamina.

This fruit contains ellagic acid, which may help to lower gut inflammation and heal wounds. Ellagic acid may also help break up biofilm and guard against cancer. 

This inflammation-taming phytochemical can cross the blood-brain barrier. It helps to protect mitochondria and your DNA.

Dosing Instructions


Take two capsules, twice daily on an empty stomach.


Take up to five capsules, twice daily on an empty stomach.


Reduce dosage to one capsule twice daily.

Toddler Under 50 lbs.

Take one-half capsule twice daily in the morning and evening away from food. Open the capsule and mix with avocado oil or maple syrup to take. Do not mix in water.

Child Between 50 - 125 lbs

Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach or as otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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