Terms & Conditions Update - 12/9/2020

Here's what you need to know as seen on our Terms and Conditions page:

Under MAP & Sales Agreement

You shall not market or publicly distribute the individually generated patient direct code given to them in their dashboard. This patient direct code shall only be given to patients of the customer who are in direct contact with the customer or their clinic.

NOTE: Your patient direct code can be on your website so long as it is behind a login just like product pricing. Under Practitioner Program Terms of Service


You may not use a coupon or offer sites to promote our program that offer product at lower than MAP prices. You may not advertise any discount that could be applied in the “My Customers” tab of the account page as a way to attract new clientele or patients. Your patient direct code is not a coupon code and cannot be marketed as such.

For more information, you can see our entire Terms and Conditions page below.