Why “Heavy Metals Are Always Harmful” Is a Lie

Why “Heavy Metals Are Always Harmful” Is a Lie

CellCore Founders Explain Some Heavy Metals Are Needed for Healthy Living

Boise, Idaho, January 10, 2022— A widely circulated idea is all heavy metals are harmful and toxic. But Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts, founders of the health company CellCore Biosciences, explain not all heavy metal consumption is dangerous. In fact, the body needs trace amounts to function optimally. 

Dr. Jay states, “Based on recent outpouring of information on the topic, avoiding heavy metal toxicity may seem challenging and overwhelming. However, it might ease your concerns to know that heavy metals are not always toxic — their toxicity depends upon their source. There’s a substantial difference when heavy metals are in food or herbs.”

As examples of this, Dr. Jay mentions iron and zinc. Typically referred to as minerals, these are actually also heavy metals. In organic forms, iron and zinc are bioavailable, or readily absorbed by the body. The dangerous heavy metals are the inorganic kind — often from industrial and manufacturing processes. 

So again, it all comes down to the source of the heavy metals: is it an organic or inorganic source? 

Dr. Todd further explains, “When you consume a plant-based, organically-bound heavy metal, it’s not toxic to the body because if the body doesn’t need it, it gets rid of it. It’s the inorganic minerals the body cannot process that actually build up and become toxic.”

If your body has a buildup of the inorganic, toxic form of heavy metals, Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd suggest you do a heavy metal detox. As part of this process, they recommend you look for safe, organic sources of heavy metals to get your necessary intake of essential minerals. 

Dr. Todd finishes by saying, “Along with detoxing the bad, remember to build the good. Having an ample amount of essential organic heavy metals also helps prevent inorganic metals from accumulating in the body.”

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