Lyme Disease Is More Common Than You Think

Lyme Disease Is More Common Than You Think

Personal Experiences with Lyme Inspire the Creation of Health Company CellCore Biosciences

Meridian, Idaho, May 26, 2021 — Lyme disease, a tick-transmitted bacterial infection, has an estimated 476,000 new cases in the United States each year according to the CDC. And that’s only the cases that are identified. The Global Lyme Alliance estimates that the standard antibody test’s accuracy is less than 50% — which means standard diagnosis is less accurate than flipping a coin! 

Lyme disease is often mistaken for other diseases. Overall, it has about 150 possible symptoms and even travels with coinfections, which makes it even more difficult to identify. Lyme is a sneaky health crisis that affects millions of lives globally, but is often overlooked. That is why raising awareness is important, especially in May, the official Lyme Disease Awareness Month. 

This all-too-elusive bacterial infection has affected many household names including Justin Bieber, Daryl Hall, Avril Lavigne, Amy Schumer, the Hadids, Shania Twain, and more. Lyme disease has also had a personal impact on the co-founders of Idaho-based health company, CellCore Biosciences.

CellCore co-founder, Dr. Todd Watts, says of his health journey: “I was stuck in a vicious cycle of trudging through my day at work, collapsing at home for a few hours, then getting up to eat and put the kids to bed. I’d crawl into bed only to repeat the same routine the next day. My body just could not repair itself. I was existing, not living.”

Because of his health challenges, Dr. Todd decided to go to chiropractic school and dive into the research behind root causes of disease. During this time, Dr. Todd was diagnosed with chronic Lyme and a Lyme coinfection, Babesia. He learned through trial and error that ridding his body of parasites and toxins was an essential step to actually reach and heal Lyme disease. 

In 2015, Dr. Todd attended a health conference and met Dr. Jay Davidson, a speaker that talked about Lyme at the conference. The two doctors were brought together through their shared health struggles and interest in foundational medicine. 

Dr. Jay also has a personal connection with Lyme disease. After nearly losing his wife, Dr. Heather Davidson, to Lyme disease twice, Dr. Jay dedicated himself to identifying root cause solutions. As she recovered, Dr. Jay and Dr. Heather began hearing from people across the globe whose stories resonated very closely with Dr. Heather’s, but had no one to turn to for guidance. 

The gap continued to be evident! This inspired Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay to come together in 2017 and co-found CellCore Biosciences, a health company, where they have used their combined knowledge and experience to create natural supplements for foundational gut health, immune support, and more. 

Dr. Jay says, “Lyme disease is a complex illness. There is a great deal to know and even more to discover, but we can begin by simply being aware of its global impact. After having Lyme disease affect my own family, I want to encourage others to continue fighting for their own health and assure them that there is hope and healing ahead.”

About CellCore Biosciences: CellCore Biosciences is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

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