Founding Doctors of CellCore Biosciences Scheduled to Speak at Chiropractic Conference

Founding Doctors of CellCore Biosciences Scheduled to Speak at Chiropractic Conference

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd Will Present to Chiropractors Seeking to Become Experts in Diagnosis and Internal Disorders

Meridian, Idaho, March 7, 2022 —  Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts, co-founders of health company CellCore Biosciences, will both be featured speakers at the 34th annual American Chiropractic Association (ACA) symposium on diagnosis and internal disorders. This Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders (CDID) internal medicine event will be held March 11th–13th in Phoenix, AZ. 

The CDID facilitates post-doctoral studies for chiropractors who want to become proficient in identifying and treating internal illness to become “internists.” The CDID conference offers education for those reaching to specialize as a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists (DABCI). This week’s conference provides those pursuing this specialty with 17 credit hours of education toward the 300 hours that are required to achieve it.

This year’s event, titled “Infectious Diseases — Novel Concepts & Treatment,” will bring together a group of top-notch experts to discuss novel concepts on diagnosis and treating infectious diseases. The group of speakers will include Dr. Jess Peatross, Dr. Victor Carsrud, Dr. Diane Mueller, and more, along with the CellCore founders. 

Dr. Jay is slated to speak about mitochondria, the cell danger response, and how it relates to chronic illness. He says, “Dr. Todd and I have spent years honing our understanding of these critical topics. We are eager to share what we have learned with these chiropractors so they can have access to more education and, in turn, be more effective at helping their patients in their health journeys.”

Dr. Todd, who will be addressing solutions for the parasite epidemic, adds, “Many practitioners overlook parasites as a root cause, but these infections can be the very issue holding back their patients’ health. In my presentation, I will explain how to identify this missing link and also cover the different natural solutions available.”

Other topics that will be discussed at the event include Lyme disease, mycotoxins, natural support protocols, post-viral syndrome, and more. The event website explains, “This dynamic program will enable attendees to incorporate their newly acquired knowledge immediately into their clinical practice.”

To find more information or register, please visit the ACA-CDID website. Those interested in the speakers Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts can visit their websites to learn more. 

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