Dr. Jay Davidson Continues to Educate Health Practitioners on Heavy Metals

Dr. Jay Davidson Continues to Educate Health Practitioners on Heavy Metals

CellCore Biosciences Co-Founder Sheds Light on Heavy Metals in Health Products Through Recorded Presentation

Meridian, Idaho, February 21, 2022 — Heavy metals is a complex and often confusing topic in the natural health industry. Because of this, health company CellCore Biosciences has designated February as ‘Heavy Metals Awareness Month’ and is actively sharing educational content. Dr. Jay Davidson, co-founder of CellCore, has done his part by recording a presentation to help educate health practitioners on the subject.

Dr. Jay begins by addressing the heavy metal standards that CellCore follows and common mistakes people make when evaluating heavy metals reports. More information on those topics can be found here

He continues the presentation by explaining that heavy metals are naturally occurring elements and that the source and chemical state of the metal determines how it will interact with your body. Because of this, in the natural health product world we can’t 100% avoid heavy metals.

He says, “All herbal, fruit, and vegetable materials, by their very nature, are going to contain some level of naturally occurring heavy metals. These are just naturally occurring elements on earth.”

In the presentation, Dr. Jay reveals the natural levels of arsenic and lead that occur in the regular, uncontaminated soil that is all around us. He also explains the amounts of lead, according to the FDA, found in common foods like avocados, butter, shrimp, and more. 

He adds, “An important thing to consider with metals is, what is the source of the heavy metal? Having the heavy metal in a food or a supplement source where the plants intake the heavy metal from the soil and basically integrate that into the natural material is very different from someone spraying pesticide with arsenic heavy metal on top of a plant… It’s also important to consider the oxidation state and pH.”

This CellCore Instagram post breaks down that you need to consider how heavy metals will interact with your physiology differently depending on multiple things: the source of the heavy metal, the oxidation state, if it is bound to a carbon, and the pH of the heavy metal. Dr. Jay expands on this in his presentation as well. 

To conclude, Dr. Jay states, “I hope this helps to make more sense of COAs, converting the numbers, and what our standards are at CellCore.”

The presentation is only available to CellCore practitioners, but you can listen to Dr. Jay speak more on these topics in these Instagram videos (Part 1 and Part 2). To learn more about heavy metals, follow CellCore on Instagram and/or Facebook

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